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Dirk Returns - AGAIN!

Dirk Galaxy - Space Detective returns with brand new adventures.  If you're haven't listened to Dirk Galaxy before, we invite you to listen to our previous episodes. 


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Episode 1 



Episode 2 



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Episode 5 



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Episode 7  



Episode 8 


Halloween Episode

Episode 9


"RF A-NOISE or...Come Along with Me and Take a Taxi Honey."

Episode 10 


"Two Flew Into a Kook's Nest or… A loan on the phone?"

Episode 11 


"The Great Gait of Sheena or Horsin' a Round... (or two)"

Episode 12 


"I Pagliacci or Nobody Nose the Trouble I've Seen"

Episode 13 


"The "Rocky" Road to Nowhere or Nut Raps For Three"

Episode 14 


"The Perils of Pomade or Past Tense, Present Pizza, Future Perfect"

Episode 15 


"Color Me Chiaroscuro or One Chair Broiled Spencer, Please"

Episode 16 


"A Witch in Time or A Sweep in the Deep"

Episode 17 


"Circus Of Clones"

Episode 18 


"Circus Of Clones Part II"

Episode 19 


"Vacation's Over"


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